Broken Noen Sign, Burnt Out Neon Repair
Sign Repair
LED Channel Letter Sign


Our electricians can troubleshoot, accurately define problems, and fix your existing electric sign.


If your sign is old, and has been out of order for months (or years) it may be worthwhile to consider a restoration. We at Vancouver Sign Expert are experienced and our technicians will suggest "options" to save you money and avoid costly repeated repairs.

One option is to revamp all the neon units in your existing neon signage and provide you with a guarantee or long term maintenance agreement for your peace of mind.

Another option, in some cases, is to convert your existing channel letter neon sign to new LED light modules.

Channel Letter Face, Plexiglass Sign Letter, Channel Letter Wrap
Neon to LED Conversion
Change Neon to LED Channel Letter Sign, LED Upgrade, LED Retrofit

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